The Wallaroos star looks back on his World Cup experience after the team was eliminated in the quarterfinals

The Wallaroos star looks back on his World Cup experience after the team was eliminated in the quarterfinals

Women’s Rugby World Cup : Australian Wallaroos in the Core Sharni Williams said she doesn’t “want to have to feel proud” after Australia was eliminated from the Rugby World Cup.

Australia’s World Cup campaign got off to a resounding start with a 17-0 halftime lead over hosts New Zealand at Eden Park.

The Black Ferns went on to win by a score of 41-17, but the Wallaroos came back to win their remaining two group games against Scotland and Wales, advancing them to the quarterfinals.

However, their run ended at Waitakere Stadium with a 41–5 loss against the world number one England.

Williams, who competed in her fourth World Cup, expressed “great pride” but expressed the hope that the Wallaroos will one day be among the best teams in the world.

After losing in the semifinals, Williams remarked, “Extremely proud, but I don’t want to have to be proud about it, I want us to be there at that level.”

Considering their status as amateurs, the time constraints imposed by their day jobs, and the amount of effort they’ve put in thus far, the Wallaroos performed as well as they could have.

This loss stings, and it confirms the fact that we should be given a second look.

We’re no longer considered the underdogs. We’re taking against the best squad in the country, and we’re able to score some points. We are not the squad to underestimate, and we want to leave it everything on the field.

The gold medalist in Rugby Sevens had an outstanding game in Australia’s first match, completing eight runs for 51 meters and beating four defenders.

Williams, who went on to be a standout in the No. 12 shirt for all four games at the World Cup, hopes that the tournament’s success will encourage more people to watch women’s rugby in the future.


This new World is an amazing development since it represents a significant advancement. They’ve had fantastic numbers, and the girls are very talented,” she said.

I think it can only get better from here since the set pieces have been so great.

I’d want to strongly urge everyone to get out and watch rugby, and not only during the World Cup. Rugby isn’t limited to only one tournament; we have grassroots, Super W, and other competitions.

“Obviously, if people can simply come out there and see that, it will aid in our team’s development.”

On Saturday, June 2nd, at Eden Park, the first semi-final between Canada and England will be played.

Next up for the Black Ferns is a rematch with France, a team they played twice and lost to on their Northern Tour last year.

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