The key to England's success in the RWC is reaching their "ultimate potential"

The key to England’s success in the RWC is reaching their “ultimate potential”

Women’s Rugby World Cup : England’s coach, Simon Middleton, says his team will “realize our maximum potential” if they face the Black Ferns in the World Cup Finals this weekend.

Middleton took a little peek into the future as England prepared for their semi-final encounter against Canada, the third best team in the world.

England’s coach, Simon Middleton

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The 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup was won by New Zealand when they defeated the Red Roses, 41–32, at Kingspan Stadium in Belfast.

However, in the future, notably by the conclusion of the 2021 tour, the Red Roses will have firmly established themselves as the dominant force in women’s rugby.

In all four Test matches played during the Black Ferns’ 2021 end-of-year trip to England and France, the hosts prevailed. The Black Ferns were thrashed by the Red Roses, 56-15, in Northampton.

Middleton has expressed a desire for the Red Roses to “test” themselves against New Zealand next weekend at Eden Park. This comes despite the fact that a great deal of history is on the line.

According to Middleton, “only seldom in life do you get to test yourself under the uttermost conditions” when the venue for the tournament was announced.

It’s a World Cup Final at Eden Park, and the Black Ferns are the defending champions. If you meet that requirement, you may consider yourself fully qualified for a position in management.

If that’s the case, then we get a shot at realizing our full potential, but that’s about it.

We have an uphill battle, since Canada is a strong opponent.

However, in order to reach the final at Eden Park, New Zealand will have to overcome some recent unpleasant history of their own.

France dominated the Black Ferns in two victories at the conclusion of the year, at Pau and Castres.

The Black Ferns were a team to be reckoned with in the past, but with veteran coach Wayne Smith at the helm, they seem like a whole new squad this season, brimming with optimism and determination.

The first half of their inaugural game against the Wallaroos was a bit of a fright, but they have since gone on to score 209 points in only four games.

The outcome “may be good or bad,” he said.

What has happened in France? That will play a crucial role. The question is whether or whether New Zealand can handle the stress. Will they be allowed to play by France?

To tell you the truth, making a call is quite challenging.

We have discussed how the audience will affect the event and how it will feel overall (in the Final). Whether or not the Black Ferns are there, I believe the outcome would be substantially different.

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But we’re really looking forward to performing there because we know it’ll be a fantastic environment for our music. It’s great with me if the audience cheers for Canada as I believe we are.

Next week, our only concentration will be on ensuring that we are competitive.

Sarah Hunter, captain of England, who appeared in her 138th Test in the quarterfinals, said that the whole tournament will be a “fantastic show for women’s rugby” regardless of the outcome.

Hunter said, “The attention is just on this week, and that semi-final takes care of itself.”

We just want to make sure that we’re in it and let the other two teams worry about whether they get there. “Whoever gets to the Final, that’ll be it and it’ll be a tremendous show for women’s rugby.”

On Saturday, New Zealand’s home crowd favorites New Zealand take on France, while Canada will be there hoping to defeat England in the first semi-final.