A victory for England would tell its rivals, "You get out what you put in" okbet

A victory for England would tell its rivals, “You get out what you put in”

Women’s Rugby World Cup : This confirms that World Rugby’s algorithm is performing as expected. After England and New Zealand, Canada and France are the top four teams in the women’s circuit. This weekend sees the World Cup semi-finals, with England, New Zealand, Canada, and France all participating.

Both England and New Zealand, who now sit atop their respective rankings, are heavy favorites to advance to the finals. The Red Roses will continue their undefeated streak to 31 games by defeating the Black Ferns in the tournament’s championship game, unless a massive shock occurs. It’s all right if you have to miss the excitement. The outcome is foreseen.

When outcomes in sports are reliably predictable, the experience is diminished. If you take away the element of surprise, you’re left with something more akin to a West End play or a live concert. Not that Hamilton’s cast or Wet Leg’s don’t put on entertaining performances. However, the experience is diminished when you know all the words and can sing along with the songs with ease. Even the most riveting performance may lose its luster after a while.

This is a monumental moment for women’s rugby. The sport’s popularity has never drawn more spectators. Commentators and columnists (including the current firm) are taking part in conversations in ways they never have before. That doesn’t mean we can’t look at it critically and provide suggestions for where it may be better.

No matter what you think of Ruby Tui’s sidestep or Marjorie Mayans’ effort at the breakdown, or how long you’ve been an advocate for the neglected half of rugby union, England’s third championship will not be a huge shock.

However, here’s the rub. Even though the following two weeks will follow a fairly predictable script, it would be disastrous for women’s soccer if Simon Middleton’s team didn’t win decisively. England must triumph over their competitors and establish themselves as the unquestioned leaders of their field if the next World Cup and those that follow are to be less predictable than this one.

They (the RFU) have a lot of explaining to do. The country’s rugby union is still plagued by racial and socioeconomic divides. Two Premier League clubs have just folded, putting hundreds of decent people out of work. Despite a plea from one of England’s most prominent black players, fans at Twickenham Stadium continue to chant a song having ties to the slave trade. Those in charge have announced this week that they would increase the prices of already outrageously costly tickets in the midst of a crushing economic crisis.

The RFU has shown admirable dedication to its women’s squad, which not even their sharpest opponents can dispute. When it comes to investing in the future of young women’s athletic careers and treating accomplished female athletes with the respect they deserve, no other board in the world comes close to matching USA Swimming. The addition of a domestic cup has upped the stakes in the Premier 15s, already the finest women’s league in the world.

Put out of your mind the indestructible power of their driving maul and the symphonic command Emily Scarratt exhibited from the middle. For the cliché “you get out what you put in” to be validated by an English victory.

If England were to win, it would send a strong message to the rest of the field. To be competitive with us on the field, you must also be competitive off of it. Any other country that says it takes women’s rugby seriously has to show it.

England Team


Some supporters may be dissatisfied with this, especially if they believe sports shouldn’t be about making money. The victory of guts and initiative against cold, hard economics. While this may be true in an era of amateurism, the reality is that the most powerful organizations in every sport, throughout every nation, have much more resources at their disposal. There are stumbles, and teams with good coaching and skill can frequently surprise the oddsmakers. But the long-term trend favors the rich.

Not to mention, we should encourage female rugby players to take advantage of the new conditions that have arisen. Nobody I’ve ever spoken to who plays rugby while also working a regular job to pay for it wants things to stay the way they are. No one has ever claimed to look forward to training right after clocking off from work. Anyone who has ever bent over a desk with a sore shoulder or a strained knee knows it’s hardly a scene out of a romantic comedy. Many people, including those who have more meaningful careers like coaching, teaching, or engineering, would rather put in more time and effort into rugby.

Obviously they would. If they win the World Cup, however, their boards have no need to give in to their demands. Those in authority may easily point out that the players don’t need a central contract or first-class flights since they’re doing just fine. To put additional money into a program that is already effective would serve no purpose.

No one can doubt that the French, Canadian, and New Zealand teams will give all they’ve got in these decisive games. They will undoubtedly keep doing a great job for their country. However, they must run against the white wall of England if they are to achieve even greater heights, and so raise the bar for women’s sports.

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