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Valley pastor writes children's book to share the reason for the Christmas season

Valley pastor
Posted at 4:20 PM, Dec 14, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-15 08:55:22-05

In a desert full of cacti, why not be a Christmas tree?

Those are the two main characters in the new children's book 'Mr. Cactus Has A Happy Christmas' written by Daniel Voss, a pastor at Mountain View Church in Queen Creek.

The story is about a Christmas tree explaining the reason for the season to a grumpy old cactus.

Sisters Hananiah and Faith Harris have both read the book and tell us they identify with one of the main characters over the other.

"I honestly think I'm the tree. I'm a little perky, well actually a lot perky," said Hananiah.

"The tree, she's kind of like, she's perky and she just like, she enjoys the goodness in the world," said Faith.

The book seems like it's telling one story when it pivots to its real point.

"I think if you create a tension, you keep people's interest. So, you try to have, at some point, a hook and then you've got them to where you're wanting to take them. So, starting off with just the desert and all the animals and how they relate to one another, but then get into they're providing life for each other," Pastor Voss explained.


He says he wrote the book to remind the children in his congregation about the importance of Christmas, which sometimes gets lost in the chaos of the holidays.

"We get caught up in the, you know, all the extracurriculars and that has its place. And it's exciting to go to school plays and pageants and receive gifts, but ultimately, true joy is found when you give gifts," said Pastor Voss.

His message seems to be resonating with the kids there.

"Believing in Jesus, so, I've always been happy that he'll always be with me wherever I go, whatever I do. I'll just be happy all the time because I know that he is with me," said Hananiah.

All of the proceeds from 'Mr. Cactus Has A Happy Christmas' go back to Mountain View Church.

Pastor Voss tells us they are planning to use the money to expand the Kids Ministry campus, which will include new indoor and outdoor playgrounds for families.